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Help create the moderating tools for the future of social networking


Moderating is essential for social networking. Moderating facilitates cooperation and prevents abuse. Social networking can only descend into antisocial networking without moderating. In fact, all social groupings you have enjoyed in your life have some variety of moderating mechanisms. Moderating processes in decentralized social networking need requisite variety. They need to be customizable for the communities that will use them, and adaptable as communities change.

We are pioneers, together!

The AKASHA Foundation’s team has been exploring the space of decentralized social networking since 2016. We understand that technical code and social code need each other, and we can’t build the tools for long-lasting communities on our own.

Our Goal

To create a moderating tool that combines the technical and social code necessary for decentralized social communities to thrive.


A moderating system for decentralized social networks should:

Success criteria